If you're looking for guidance on functionality, please first check our FAQs such as:

If customer support is needed, please fill out our simple Ticket Form and we'll be happy to assist you.

Here are some guidelines around the priority field:

1.A critical problem requiring immediate resolution. Problems may cause loss of data and/or restrict data availability.
A widespread issue, such as the Elastic website being completely down.
2.A serious problem that affects major functionality. No workaround is available, and operation continues in a restricted fashion.
I.e.An Elastic functionality issue or bug (Print Job, Order History), severity could escalate if not addressed. 
3.A problem that does not have a major effect on business operations or for which an acceptable workaround exists.
I.e.Routine/Localized support requests that impact a single user or a non-critical website error.
4.A minor condition or request that has no significant effect on Customer operations.
I.e.General technical questions, log in assistance, adding a user, order questions.