Within Elastic Exchange there are two highlighted pathways of discovering new brands and products.

Explore Page

One pathway is through visiting the Brands section of the Explore Page found at the top of your screen. This page will display the brand profiles for all exhibitors at the show. Scrolling over each brand will show a snippet of the brand story and a highlight of a few products they carry. Clicking on the brand will allow you to read their full profile. 

Once clicking into a brand profile, the "View All Products" button will show to the right of the brand story section. 

Selecting "View All Products" will take you into the "View Catalog" page where the respective brand is automatically filtered. 


Shop Now

By simply clicking on the Shop Now button found in the left-hand corner of the dashboard screen, you'll have access to all the products listed on the Exchange site as well as the filters to begin discovering new products and brands.

Once you're on this page, clicking the show logo in the top left corner will return you to the dashboard.