Bringing the Tradeshow floor to users virtually through the Digital Market experience where familiar and up-and-coming brands collect; You will notice many different brands listed on the 'Choose a Catalog' screen, which you can search and filter through by Product category.  

Here, some brands have an icon across the top right of their catalog tile that, when hovered over, says 'Retailer Site.' 

Clicking on any brand catalogs with this icon initiates a pop-up window that asks if you'd like to 'Visit Authorized Retailer Site?', meaning accessing their Elastic B2B site using your authorized retailer credentials. After your initial logging-in to any brand's B2B, you will remain logged in until your browser cache has been cleared.

If you find that you do not have access and wish to become an authorized retailer for any catalogs requiring credentials to log in, on Digital Market, click their catalog, and 'Continue' to view their login splash page. You might find a sign-up form to request access! Otherwise, contact your sales representative or dealer services for more information.