There are several reasons why you might want to use the Export XLSX feature:

  • I need a list of the UPCs / Quantities in my order to enter into my store POS system.
  • I want to use a spreadsheet as an order form that can be uploaded back into Digital Market.
  • I want a full offline list of an entire catalog.

To Export an Order

To Export an order as an XLSX file, open the order you want to export and select the menu drop-down in the top-right corner. You will see the option to 'Export XLSX':

Make sure 'Order Only' is selected. The 'UPC & Quantity' option will generate a file with only two columns - the UPCs in your order, and the number of quantities selected for each of those UPCs. 'All Product Data' will include style numbers, SKUs, prices, and color names - all of the relevant product data for the products in your order.

An order-only UPC & Quantity XLSX will look something like this when viewed in Excel. (These can also be viewed in a regular text editor.)

Export an Entire Catalog

You can export an entire catalog XLSX to use as a reference or order form by either creating a new order or opening an existing order. Again, open the export feature by going to 'Menu' > Export XLSX. This time, make sure 'Entire Catalog' and 'All Product Data' are selected. The generated file will look something like this when opened in a spreadsheet application:

If you plan on importing your file back into Digital Market, take special care to note which columns the UPCs and quantities are in. In the above example, UPC data is in column 7, quantities are in column 11.