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In this article, we will go over the Import a File feature. Buyers have the ability to view that data visually using the Elastic Digital Market platform.

To import the file, buyers must first 'Create a new order'. Select the Brand Catalog to the order form or spreadsheet.

Select Menu in the top-right corner and choose ‘Import a File’:

Step 1. Upload

Select an Import Method. Paste from Clipboard will allow buyers to paste data into Elastic. 'Custom File' will allow the import from any file format that contains a UPC or SKU. 

Paste your data, or choose the file you want to upload and click 'Next'. 

On the next page, you'll select the fields from your data that you'd like to import. Elastic looks for a valid UPC or SKU from the data and a requested quantity. For instance, in the below example my SKUs are in column B and my quantities are in Column F. 

Depending on the import data, buyers may want to remove the first row by toggling the 'Column Headers' on. Separator data can also be changed. Once the data looks good, buyers can click Next to proceed with the import. 

Step 2. Review

If 100% of the imported items are in the catalog and available on the selected date, then the import process is finished! 

Although, in some cases, products may not be available for a variety of reasons. In this case, buyers will see a page outlining items that are only partially available, available for a future date, or not available at all.

The summary will also list items that might be completely unavailable with no current or future availability within the current workbook.

Finally, buyers may see items that are not found during the import. This means that the UPC or SKU that was uploaded did not match any UPCs or SKUs in the current workbook.

Step 3. Revise

Just because an item isn't available on your selected date doesn't mean buyers can't add it to their order. They just need to click on the calendar icon to pull up future availability for an item that isn't available on the selected ship date. 

Sometimes items buyers want just aren't in stock at all! Clicking on the Cart icon will display a list of potential alternative products that are in similar categories. Simply select the alternative and the first possible available date and it will be added to the order.