The Overview/Summary screen is the first page you will be brought to after selecting to go to your cart. This screen can be used to get a full look at your order, make changes to quantities, and get detailed information about your order. By default you will start at the Overview screen, to switch to the summary screen select the 'Summary' button in the top right.


The 'Overview' screen is a detailed look at each of your shipments which are organized by column and style in your order displaying in rows. At the end of your shipments, there is a total that shows the total amount of each item combined from your shipments. The last row will display the overall total of each delivery and order total. At the very bottom of the page, you will see the order total with any discounts you qualify added in. This is the last screen to double-check your orders, items, and quantities before being submitted.

In the top left you can change the order that your shipments display.

Catalog Order - Sorts the products by the order they show in the catalog

Manual Sort -  Sorts the products by how they are ordered in your 'Build Order' screen.

Name Order - Sorts the products alphabetically by name

Price Order - Sorts the products by price low to high

Next to each shipment, you will see an Edit button you can select, when selecting this button, you will return back to the 'Enter Quantity' screen to make changes to your shipment. The same edit button next to each unit can be selected to add/change quantities of each product from the overview screen.


Switching to the 'Summary' screen gives you a breakdown of your order. This screen can be customized by selecting different 'facets' from the drop-down (circled in red), adding a row of that facet. The facets (circled in blue) can be dragged and put in your preferred order. Using the top tabs the shipments can be analyzed as a whole or separately.