In this article, you will find the various functions of the 'Create New Order' screen and a brief explanation of how they are used. 

Getting Started

 To begin creating an assortment plan or new order, select 'Get Started' then 'Place an Order using the top navigation dropdown.

Selecting a Brand Catalog: Product Categories & Filters

Bringing the Tradeshow floor to users virtually through the Digital Market experience, brand catalogs are organized by Product category for easy filtering, then into subcategories.

To the right of the Product Category model, you will find the filters drop-down menus. Here you can filter by gender and age group.

Within the "More Filters" drop-down, you can filter between Catalog type and Brand type

Standard vs. Quick Order

The digital market platform offers two ordering pathways to provide flexible ordering styles depending on your needs. So what's the difference?

Standard Order 
Quick Order
Engage in the shopping/shopper experience
Browse the line
Build an assortment

Whiteboard merchandising
Great for replenishment and simple orders
Single-Step order path
Simply add your quantities to the cart and click 'Proceed to Checkout.'

Order mode can be switched between 'Standard' or 'Quick' from the menu dropdown on the right of the screen. Users can also set their default order style in preferences.

Naming your Order

The name of an order can be changed until the order has been submitted using the menu once in the order, either by selecting 'Save As' or 'Rename Order'.

Note: PO #'s will be set for each shipment in order on the checkout screen.

Start Ship Date

The "Start Ship Date" date selection box is where users can set the ship date of their first shipment tab in their order. 

Depending on the catalog that has been selected, available dates will either show available or be greyed out and unavailable if the date is outside of the catalog shipment date range. This start ship date can be changed once in the order for each shipment until the shipment is submitted.

Note: Once your order is placed or in Final Submission state, it will become 'locked' and no longer editable. Please contact the Brand directly.