No matter the case, to access the Whiteboard feature, you must be inside an order. This can be a new order or an already drafted order, opened from the Orders Widget on your Dashboard. (Note: Orders in a Final Submission state are an exception to this, as they are locked) 

Once you are within an order, you can access Whiteboard multiple ways:

Option 1: From selecting 'Whiteboard' listed in the Menu on the right of the screen.

Option 2: Click on 'Build Order' in the top navigation, and click the 'Whiteboard' button found just below your cart.

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

On the left, you can use the dropdown menu to add All Products, or only those from specific shipments if you are building multiple orders. Products will display below this dropdown, where you can click and drag them onto the Whiteboard page.

On the right, you can adjust properties of your Whiteboard such as page size and orientation, as well as the size of the product images you have added. 

Clicking within the Labels boxes allows you to add or remove details about your products, such as name, number, and price. You also have the ability to move where these details are located around the product (top, bottom, left, right).

The top control panel allows you to add lines, add and adjust text size, and upload additional images from your computer. You also can align the products within your page by using one of the preset Templates or selecting Distribute and Align.

 If you are happy with your Whiteboard creation, you can Export it from this page to share with others! Or you can click 'Save' and return to your progress later by opening your Draft order from the Orders Widget.