Preferences can be found by either clicking your name from the dashboard, from the 'Get Started' drop-down, and from the Menu anytime during your shopping experience. 

This menu allows you to find:


In the 'About' tab, you will find the latest software version running and references, a link to, and copyright info.

Price Type

In the 'Price Type' tab, you will find a radio button where you can select your preferred price type. 'Wholesale' will show only wholesale pricing, 'Retail' will show only retail pricing, 'Both' will show both wholesale and retail, and 'None' will show no pricing on items in your catalogs.


In the 'View' tab, you will find options for your 'Default View' and 'Default Order Mode'

Selecting your 'Default View' will default to your selection when starting an order with 'View Catalog' defaulting to the view catalog screen and 'Build Order' defaulting to the build order screen.

(Click on the below images to enlarge) 

View Catalog View
Build Order View

Selecting your 'Default Order Mode' will default the order mode when creating an order to always have either a standard order or a quick order. You will still have the option to switch on the create an order screen.

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Standard Order
Quick Order


In the 'Language' tab, you will find all the different languages you can have the site translated to.