Elastic on iPad works best in the native version of Safari or Google Chrome and is optimized for digital catalog viewing and order placement. The 'View Catalog' and 'Enter Quantities' pages in a standard order flow work best on iPad. We do not recommend using our assortment building or merchandising (Whiteboard) tools on iPad at this time. Currently, Elastic support for mobile is limited to iPad only.  You can view a full list of supported operating systems and browsers here.

Placing an order on an iPad is easy. 

1. In the dashboard, on the Orders widget, click ‘Create New Order’ 

     1. Select a brand catalog

     2. You will be taken right into View Catalog where you can begin building your cart.

Note: Any time during ordering, you can navigate to the 'Build Order' page for an all-encompassing view of items in your cart, to begin building a Whiteboard, or if this view is simply your Preference. 

2. In the View Catalog page, select the styles and colors you want to Order

1. Tap on the items you want to order in 'Catalog View' to add them to any of your shipments by clicking 'Add to Cart'. 

2. Use the filter button in the bottom left to search for specific products.

3. You can create second and third shipments in your order by clicking on the + button on the 'Enter Quantites' page.

3. Add Sizes and Quantities


1. Tap on the entry field of the size you want to order.

2. When the keyboard displays (if not using a peripheral keyboard), type in the quantity you want to order for that size.

3. To enter consecutive quantities, click the keyboard's down arrow in the upper-right corner to tab to the next quantity (if using a peripheral keyboard, use the tab key). 

4. Click 'Cart' and Submit 

1. Review your order on the Overview page.

2. Click 'Proceed to Checkout' at the bottom of the page. 

2. Select a shipping address from the drop-down and enter a PO# for each shipment.

4. Click 'Place your order' at the bottom of the page.

5. Click Submit on the confirmation order - you'll be returned to the dashboard. 

6. Click 'Okay' on the Order Submission modal there.