Print Job Widget from the Dashboard

When a PDF is created for a Custom Catalog, Order, or Whiteboard, a print job is initiated on the server and runs in the background. Queued, Running, and Completed PDFs are displayed in the 'Print Jobs' widget. Once a PDF is in 'Completed' status, the print job can be downloaded to PDF in one click by simply clicking on the name in the Dashboard. 

Print Job Status Key

  • Queued - The print job request has been initiated and is in line for generating.
  • Running - The print job is currently being generated. This can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes to complete depending on the number of products/labels/assets in your PDF.
  • Completed - The PDF has been successfully printed is ready to be downloaded or shared as a link.

Print Job Types are divided into Custom Catalog, Document (Cart PDF), and Whiteboard

Print Job Widget from the 'Get Started' Navigation

PDF print jobs can also be located by navigating via the 'Get Started' menu at the top of that page

While on the 'Print Jobs' page, you can toggle between the various categories to view, share, or discard your PDF(s), these categories include Custom Catalog, Order, Whiteboard, and Report.

To Download:

Select this icon to download your Custom Catalog, Order or Whiteboard as a PDF

To Share:

Some PDFs generated in Elastic can contain massive amounts of information, which often means a huge PDF file. To share your PDF without downloading the file, click the 'Link' icon and copy the link that appears (Cmd + C on a Mac; Ctrl + C on a PC.) Copy the link into the body of an email or any messaging system. The recipient of the link will be able to download it on their end.

To Delete:
Click the trash can icon to delete your print job. The PDF will not be recoverable, so please proceed with caution! However, you can always export another PDF if you can access your saved document.