All of your saved and submitted Orders can be viewed and opened within the Orders Widget. From the Dashboard, the Order Widget displays your most recent six orders. Select 'View All' to visit the Orders page which displays every order made under your account. 

Any order can be opened by clicking on the order 'Name'. You'll see which brand catalog the order is tied to, PO#, QTY, the total cost, and the state (status) of the order: Draft, Review, Final Submission.

On this screen, you can Download Media and/or Delete* your order:
* note: only orders in a 'Draft' state can be deleted.

Selecting Download Media allows images, assets, and additional data to be downloaded to your device. 

Selecting Delete will delete the draft order from the user's profile.
Selecting the PDF icon will Export your order to PDF, and will be available to download from the Print Jobs widget.