Throughout the Elastic Suite and support articles, you may come across various terms that may not hold the same meaning from company to company. Below is a list of some of the most common terms we use and their meanings.

Dashboard - The first page you see after you log in. The Dashboard contains several widgets that allow you to create new orders, view saved orders, engage with brand marketing and news. This is the ‘start’ page. 

Quick Order - Create an order by entering quantities at the size level. Recommended for ASAP / At Once / Fill type scenarios. 

Standard Order - Create an order by first creating an assortment at the color level, then entering quantities at the size level. Recommended for Line Showings / Prebook / Assortment building type scenarios. 

Custom Catalog - This is a user-created workbook, that allows the user to select the assortment and order of the workbook. These workbooks can be converted to PDFs or used as a filter in Elastic Suite.

Print Job - A server-side process that converts an Order or Whiteboard into a downloadable PDF.  

Whiteboard - A Whiteboard is a visual representation of a product assortment. The whiteboard tool is used for visual merchandising, simple store layout planning, and presentation purposes.