Throughout the Digital Market platform and support articles, you may come across various words and phrases that may not hold the same meaning from company to company. Below is a list of some most common terms we use and their meanings.

Authorized Retailer Site - This type of catalog on the Digital Market "Choose a Catalog" page connects a user to the brand's external Elastic B2B site, but requires credentials to browse their product line. 

Custom Catalog This is a user-created workbook that allows the user to select the assortment and order of the workbook. These workbooks can be converted to PDFs or used as a filter in Elastic Suite.

Dashboard - The Dashboard is the "homepage" of Digital Market, and contains several widgets that allow you to create new orders, view saved orders, and engage with brand marketing.

Digital Market - Accessible 365 24/7, Digital Market brings the opportunity to browse and shop products among familiar and up-and-coming brands all on a single platform. 

Print JobA server-side process that converts an Order or Whiteboard into a downloadable PDF.  

Quick Order - Create an order by entering quantities at the size level. Recommended for ASAP / At Once / Fill type scenarios. 

Standard Order - Create an order by first creating an assortment at the color level, then entering quantities at the size level. Recommended for Line Showings / Prebook / Assortment building type scenarios. 

Whiteboard - A Whiteboard is a visual representation of a product assortment. The whiteboard tool is used for visual merchandising, simple store layout planning, and presentation purposes.